Marketing communications and data analysis

Marketing concerns a wide range of disciplines within the online gambling industry. As all communications between clients and operators is online, it is obvious that marketing communications and data analytics are to a large extend done via online resources.

The DGA platform is integrated with the most used online resources for marketing communications and data analysis within the online gambling industry.

The availability of these online resources enables the operator to define and execute an effective marketing strategy directly from the start.

The DGA enables operators to perform at their full capability

Marketing through promotions and campaign management

Promotions and campaign management are marketing instruments that are applied for the purpose of:

  • the conversion and retention of players
  • the generation of extra revenue (e.g. a tournament)
  • the introduction of games
  • the promotion of games

The DGA platform offers a wide range of tools and functionalities to support promotion and acquisition marketing, such as: free spins, campaign management and social media promotions.

It is up to the operator to choose the most optimal marketing strategy. The DGA platform offers the instruments to execute the chosen strategy.