Dutch Gambling Association

A platform specific for the Dutch online casino market. A platform that is compliant with all local regulations, offering the best content for the Dutch market, operating the entire back-end of the online casino, allowing casino operators to focus on the commercial side of the casino. And most important for a market that is about to open up: enabling to ‘go-live’ fast.

Best of breed

The DGA platform is composed by integrating the best technology, content, policies, procedures and service operations, to one platform within in one organisation.
As the founders of DGA jointly have over 50 years of experience in the online casino industry, all requirements and pitfalls have been carefully addressed when creating the platform. The DGA operators will therefore benefit from a platform whereby every element of the online casino implemented technically and/or procedurally.

Huge interest

The founders of the DGA were ‘spot-on’ when they initiated the first Dutch casino platform. Many (long-time) casino operators have signed up with DGA to take their casino business online. But also new entrants, with plans and ambitions, found in the DGA a partner to support them to realise their casino venture.

Are you considering to start an online casino ?

In case you are interested in learning more about DGA and the DGA platform, please contact us.