The ‘Dutch Gambling Association’

Also known as the ‘DGA’  is a casino platform which enables casino operators to exploit online casinos on the Dutch market.

Time-to-market, go live as soon as possible
As the regulation is now in place, it is for operators important to ‘go-live’ with their online casino as soon as possible. Within the first years the market will be divided.
The DGA offers a full suite of products and services, allowing operators to fully focus on the commercial side of the online casino (as e.g. the design of the casino website, the marketing and the players). The operational matters on the back-end of the casino (as e.g. the integrations with game studios, PSP’s, online marketing resources, the back-office administration and the offering of helpdesk support) can be handled faster and at lower costs by the DGA.

The KSA will accept applications starting the 1st of April, don't be late

About the Dutch market

The Dutch market is attractive because of its size. At same time the Dutch market is very different from other markets (as e.g. the UK, Belgium or Germany).

Analysts predict that 65% of the regulated Dutch online casino market will be made up of slots play, whereby classic slots are expected to do more than half of all slot play. The Dutch game studio Stakelogic, co-founder of the DGA, is seen as the unchallenged world market leader for classic slots.

DGA and Stakelogic

Stakelogic will provide its full suite of classic and video slots to operators through the DGA’s platform.
Stakelogic will also develop exclusive slots that will be exclusively available to operators that use the DGA platform.

The offering of exclusive slots has proofed to be a very effective mean to increase player retention.